Do you have a long finger version?2020-12-17T10:16:15-05:00
Do you sell to dealers or bike shops or teams?2020-12-17T10:20:02-05:00

Absolutely. Please contact us and we will explain the details.

What size should I get?2020-12-17T10:24:49-05:00

There is a size chart on each product page. Cycling gloves are sized similar to Pearl Izumi or Giro gloves, so get the same size as your regular cycling gloves. If you are between sizes, then get the smaller size. They run very slightly large and will conform to your hands over a few rides.

How long will the gloves last?2020-12-17T10:34:37-05:00

Durability varies by person and location and usage rates. We have testers who have used them for 5000+ miles and they are still going strong. We have riders who are still wearing their gloves after 3+ years. Our gloves are built to last a LONG time.

Do you sell to dealers or shops or teams?2020-12-17T10:42:50-05:00

Absolutely. Please Contact Us and we will explain the details. Also check the CUSTOM details page HERE.

Will leather gloves make my hands more sweaty?2018-11-12T16:43:39-05:00

No. The gloves have been tested for nearly 2 years by several dozen testers all over the country. There have been no complaints about over heating.

Can I cancel my order or get a refund?2018-11-12T16:41:54-05:00

For stock gloves, you may return for an exchange or refund if the gloves are in original, unworn condition.
For custom team gloves, once the order is placed and payment is made, there are no changes or refunds.

But I really need padding!2020-12-17T10:27:30-05:00

After the gloves conform to your hands, you will be surprised at how little padding you need. Trust us on this. Try them for a few rides and if you don’t like, you can return them.

Can I put my shop or team name on the wrist strap?2018-11-12T16:41:34-05:00

Yes, but you must meet minimum quantity requirements and the price will be higher.

Why isn’t there any padding?2020-12-17T10:28:59-05:00

Padding is a very personal thing and what ever thickness we chose would be wrong for most people. Instead of us deciding how much padding you need, you can customize your feel by adding padding to your bars.

Will the colors on custom gloves match my logo exactly?2018-11-12T16:41:27-05:00

Probably not. But we always do our best to get as close as possible.

How do I remove stains?2020-12-17T10:21:59-05:00

Please see the Glove Care page

How do I clean them?2020-12-17T10:23:35-05:00

Please see the Glove Care page 

Why is the leather on the palm textured?2018-11-05T15:49:54-05:00

That leather is called digital leather and it’s expensive to produce. It is used to provide a bit of extra grip on the bat.

Is the leather waterproof? Stainproof?2018-11-12T16:42:46-05:00

No and no. The more you wear them, the more they will conform to your hands and take on a unique patina, making them entirely your own. IMO, this is one of the best things about these gloves. They all start out the same but are all unique in the end.

Where are the gloves made?2020-12-17T10:51:35-05:00

All gloves are designed in Texas and hand-sewn in Pakistan.

Are there any leather colors besides white, black and gray?2020-12-17T10:48:50-05:00

We add new leather colors as market and customer demand dictates. Custom leather colors can be done for those wishing to purchase larger quantities of gloves, generally 12-15 dozen pairs.

What are the specs on the leather?2018-11-05T15:51:03-05:00

The leather is full grain deer-tanned cow leather, with an approximate weight of 2-2.5oz and thickness of 1-1.5mm

What does Cuero mean?2018-11-12T16:37:05-05:00

Cuero means “leather” in Spanish.  And it’s a town in Texas.  And it sounds cool.

What size should I get?2020-12-17T10:50:24-05:00

There is a size chart on each product page in the store. Batting gloves are sized similar to Franklin or Nike batting gloves, so get the same size as any of those.  If you are between sizes, then get the smaller size. They run very slightly large and will conform to your hands after a few workouts.

Why leather?2020-12-17T10:40:24-05:00

Because leather is a natural material, it performs great, it’s super durable and looks awesome. And all your friends will be jealous of your cool gloves.